High-profile developers from Russia. Hassle-free.

We find great developers that fit your criteria, and send them to California to work at your startup/company.

When a new product begins to gain traction, you need developers fast. But you don’t want just any developers; you want the best. Outsourcing mistakes can be costly for tech companies and sometimes deadly for startups. Sourcing good people is always a challenge, but competition for skilled developers is particularly fierce in tech hot spots like the Bay Area, New York or Boston (and chances are you’re in one of them).

At the same time you know that outsourcing is not an option when your product is the core of your company. That's the challenge.

We are pleased to offer you world’s best programmers: super smart and highly skilled Russian developers. They might not be the most cheerful lot, but they’re the ones who consistently win the world’s annual programming contest.

Who we are

We are a startup factory company located in Saint-Petersburg, Russia, right next to the country’s leading university for computer programming. We dabble in startups, too, so we know what qualities startups are looking for for in software developers.

Even more important that we are known in Russian tech community thanks to our activities and keep in touch with a lot of tech talents.

Why now is the perfect time

The current situation in Russia is far from ideal, so there is a growing number of talented and skilled developers interested in collaborating with US firms with a view to one day relocating there. Among these young hopefuls are engineers from the local offices of Microsoft, Skype and other global technology companies.

How we work

  • Order. You send us an outline of the assignment, project deliverables and describe the layers of your technology stack. We’ll follow up with a call to clarify;
  • Search. We search, screen and qualify candidates and then present you with two or three finalists. This approach saves you time while ensuring you have a pool of top-tier talent to choose from;
  • Evaluation. We send you information about candidates, including links to their code, stack of technologies used, work background, complemented with our comments. When you like someone, we set up a skypecall between you and the candidate;
  • Trial. When you deem some candidate a good fit, we send him work for you in your office for a trial period of 2-3 months. We take care about his visa, tickets, accomodation and adaptation. At this stage you are required to pay the candidate’s salary for the trial period, his airtickets, and 5000$ as our upfront fee;
  • Work. Should you decide to keep the candidate after the trial period, you pay us a fee that amounts to 10% of the candidate’s year salary. We then make sure the candidate obtains a B1 work visa. Prior to that, the candidate may work for you 6 months locally, and 6 months distantly.

Visa issues and specifics

As we noted above, we will provide a B1 visa for the candidate for the first year in the US. It means that the candidate will be able to work 6 months locally at your office, and another 6 months distantly.

For the second year, we will provide a L1 visa for the candidate, which will allow him to legally work in the US and thus be present at your local office year-round. An outstaffing agreement will be the basis for you to work with candidate.

Why work with us

  • Only talented and skilled Russian developers;
  • Fast and less expensive than local hires;
  • Hassle-free;
  • Customer support in the Bay Area.

USA office

We have a partner in the Bay Area, who helps out our candidates and deals with problems locally. You can contact him via hire(at)coffeelab.vc or contact form below.

Contact us to learn more and place an order