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CoffeeLab is a partnership of people who want to launch global tech company or to participate in creating cool new products.

We build community of people and companies who benefit from each other and complementary to each other. It's based on our culture:

  • We believe that everybody should be valued according to proved value he delivered to his clients, partners and co-founders;
  • We believe that people who work with each other should be different but have the same level of talent, sense of humor and ambitions;
  • We believe that only few people can really create great products and deliver results. It's not for everybody. It's for people who feel that usual job is not enough;
  • We don't beleive in usual employment for startups;
  • We know that we can help you if you are talented, professional, cool and ambitious.

We are looking for people who share our principles.


You are the one if you often catch yourself thinking - what's next? What is my own big thing?

You are the one if you:

  • Easily convince other people to do what you want;
  • Don't afraid public speaking and talking with a strangers;
  • You have team management experience in any IT field and build your expertise in one or more area;
  • You are self-organized and persistent person who can lead the way;
  • You have forgot already to be afraid of unemployment.

If we will like each other, we will help you to find really great idea you will like and start working on it without common mistakes and inefficient decisions all first time founders make because of luck of experience. With us you have 70% chances to get traction and funding in the first 9 months of working with us.

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If you are talented, you have options.

  • You can work for corporation for a great salary, but it's boring.
  • You can search for freelance project, but it's a crap.
  • You can join great startup, but it's hard to find in time.

We offer talents am opportunity of non stop working on creating great products. You can work with 3-5 great new startups a year, get money and shares. You can join any startup as a full time team member or a co-founder if you are in love with the concept/founding team and want to continue. Your work is valued according your deliverables and influence on startup success.

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Benefits working with CoffeeLab

We work on ideas with global ambitions. If you win, it's a big win.

We work with unique concepts. It's always challenging and interesting to discover new opportunities instead of doing the same boring shit.

We always learn a lot. One year in CoffeeLab will deliver you more experience then any other activities even if it will not end with succesful company.

You are always considered as a partner, not a workforce.


Startups are not looking like safe full time job. It's about opportunities and it's always risky.

The best match for us is an entrepreneurial minded person who is responsible for himself and don't wait that somebody will make his life easier and safer.

We have not guaranteed salary unless you work with one of our startups who has already get funded. There are a lot of them among our companies, but the most interesting opportunities you can find on bootstrap stage. Usually we work on convertible notes basics, converting your efforts into money and shares according to your deliverables.


We are looking for long term partnerships with great people, building a community of partners who benefit from each other success and add value to the whole community or one company.

We believe that everybody should work from the investor point of view by doing something with understanding the long term ROI on his time. We provide options and opportunities that fit the most talented and ambitious people to leverage their talent.

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