Investment opportunities

If you are looking for opportunities to invest in early stage most promising companies, contact us to get more information about more efficient forms of early stage investments we are working on.
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Risk-free portfolio investments

Exit statistics for angel investors says that two most important things to succeed are to invest in more then 20 startups and select them carefully. We offer guaranteed success rate from pre-seed to seed stage. Minimal bid is 200K for 15% in 1 startup that meets our criteria (global, unique, scalable, internet or mobile, mostly B2B) and reaches breakeven or raises seed funding at valuation over $2M.
Mobile web design

Data-driven venture fund

We are working hard on automating startup search and due-diligence and looking for legal and financial partners to run data driven pre-seed venture fund to make small early investments in the form of $50K convertible note in new promising startups before they start looking for funding if they have already launched their product, gained positive traction and built a solid team that looks like a successful one.

Awesome startups

Some of our startups are looking for seed funding. Right now there is a chance to join investors of MailBurn round. MailBurn is a company that reinvents email for business by providing different UX for sifferent types of emails and integrating it with CRM, project management and other business services. MailBurn launched as an IPhone app that provides IM style interface for faster email communications with real people.

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