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reinventing startup model

  • Better ideas

    We do not bother filtering through thousands of crappy ideas on the market. Instead, we have a process of generating good ideas in-house, which is performed by an analytical department and is based on solid market facts and trends. We focus on web, mobile, big data, saas industries and growing billion dollar markets. And no copycats.
  • Stronger founders

    Great founders are crucial to a startup’s success. That is exactly why we source our founders from smart, experienced, fast-learning, and eager-to-build-a-global company people. It’s just that they don’t happen to have their big idea yet and lack some knowledge and experience in the startup business. But that’s where we back them.

    Beside having our own educational program, we are an operator of the Founder Institute program for startup founders in Saint-Petersburg. Prior to diving deep in the startup world, our founders build up their muscle and prepare for the fight by going through either of the programs. Structured knowledge never hurts.

    Navigating a path to success in a startup takes knowledge, experience, persistence, right partners, and a bit of luck. We can’t provide luck, we do act as co-founders to our startups, which involves formulating hypothesis, talking to customers, prototyping, making early sales, etc. In short, we just make sure everything is done right.
  • Backed by community

    Each startup in CoffeeLab community has an unfair advantage of access to talents, other startup's services, insights, support and share costs opportunities. With each startup we grow our network, including customers, investors, advisors and talents who love to work with our companies.
  • Funding ready

    Globally oriented startups need investors to reach to the stars. Clear traction, investor kits, and Q&A worked out is what sets our startups apart from others. Moreover, the startups are Delaware-based C-corporations carefully prepared by top level law firm.

CoffeeLab Partners

  • jane - creative

    Jane is passionated ideas generator, optimist and startup muse in CoffeeLab. As an experienced entrepreneur and strategist she brings inspiration to our teams.
  • Pavel - product

    Pavel is a geek and IT professional with huge background in product development and user experience that helps our startups to deliver great products people love.
  • Andrei - business

    Focused on money metrics and backed by entrepreneurial and business development experience, Andrei brings focus on real traction and sales to our teams.
  • Matt - funding

    Matt is an experienced investor and venture fund manager located in San-Francisco, focused on helping CoffeeLab startups to get funded and launch business in US.

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CoffeeLab activities


Founder Institute

We have launched a Saint Petersburg chapter of The Founder Institute - the world's largest entrepreneur training and startup launch program, helping aspiring founders across the globe build enduring technology companies. ...
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CoffeeTalks is the weekly event on our coffee kitchen where entrepreneurs discuss topics related to their current needs, like getting trust for their startups, copywriting hacks, launch strategy and others ...
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Startup book

We are working on creating a free e-book in Russian based on Y Combinator course that will lead us through 20 killer chapters with the likes of startup experts like Peter Thiel, Aaron Levie, and Reid Hoffman to discuss how to come up with ideas and evaluate them, how to get users and grow and more. ...
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